Robotics in Business

Robotics in Business
Explore the origins of automation, the future of robots, and the upcoming American manufacturing Renaissance with ARC Specialties President Dan Allford.

Course Outline


  1. Meet Your Instructor

Powering On: Understanding the Basics of Robotics

  1. The History of Robots
  2. Different Types of Robots

Tuning Up: How Automation Elevates Your Business

  1. The Basics of How We Build Robots
  2. Robots Handle the Dull, Dirty and Dangerous
  3. Competing to Stay Alive with Efficiency
  4. Optimize or Die

Looking Ahead: Gearing Up for an Automated Future

  1. Finding Opportunities to Improve Efficiency
  2. How Innovations Are Powering Progress
  3. The Role of AI in the Future of Automation
  4. Conclusion

About the Course

ARC Specialties President Dan Allford knows a thing or two about robots.

He's got more than four decades of experience navigating the ever-shifting landscape of automation and manufacturing, and he's crafted a lengthy resume filled with successful projects that have elevated the way organizations do business.

Now, he and his ARC Specialties team are ready to guide you into the future of automation and what Allford predicts will be a Renaissance in American manufacturing.

In this course, you'll learn:

- The origins of robots and how they came to be
- The three laws that began in science fiction, yet still govern robotics today
- The different types of robots and their unique purposes and advantages
- The step-by-step journey ARC undertakes to craft a robot for a given vision and goal
- How to select the right automation solutions to keep your organization competitive
- How the U.S. can close the efficiency gap with the rest of the world and kick off a bright manufacturing future

Automation and robotics aren't here to push out human work. They're here to elevate it, allowing us to focus on innovation, creativity and prosperity.

Time to tune up and get to work. The future is now.